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At Second City Baseball, advanced player development is the name of the game. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, analytical thinking, and a talented team of instructors SCB is striving to create an unmatched player development program. Gone are the days of trigger words, one-dimensional thinking and evaluations solely dependent on the eye test. Like many things in life, modern technology has allowed us to understand the biomechanics behind baseball, and baseball movements. These advancements have made it crystal clear that baseball player development is no longer a “one size fits all,” and every player is different than the next. Because of that, the industry must move in the direction of detailed assessments and individualized training regimens. Here at Second City Baseball, every player that walks through the door will be on-boarded through detailed hitting, throwing and strength baseline testing, using the best technology on the market to create comprehensive analytical driven player assessments.

After baseline testing, players will be placed on a performance plan that will help them reach their ceiling. Continuous retesting at checkpoint phases, and appropriate goal adjustment and training modifications will help players achieve their goals. The SCB player development team will work hand-in-hand with our consulting medical personnel, which includes a registered physical therapist and a sports physician, to ensure that players remain healthy and aware of the best techniques throughout their progression in our advanced player development program. We work tirelessly at SCB, to ensure that our clients receive the best training and exposure possible, and we hope that you will entrust us with your player development needs moving forward.

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We offer the latest and greatest services available for all aspects of baseball. We have the latest technology and the most experienced teachers to help bring your game to the next level. Click below to view our broad selection of services, or view our package options below that are tailored towards giving a boost to any specific area of your game.
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What Makes Us Better?


Second City Baseball and the Illinois Cardinals call the Birdhouse offer players and clients a spacious indoor facility in west-suburban Bensenville, Illinois as their training home. The Birdhouse is outfitted with top of the line baseball, softball and strength & conditioning equipment, hitting tunnels, pitching areas and fielding areas to help everyone reach their goals.


Second City Baseball has some of the best technology available at it’s disposal, including Rapsodo pitching and hitting monitors, radar guns, LED monitors, Blast Motion, Driveline hitting/throwing equipment, and more.

Individualized Performance Plans

Gone are the, “one size fits all,” days of player development. Every player is different, and Second City Baseball and the Illinois Cardinals center their player development around individualized assessments, testing and performance plans to ensure that we find the best way for each individual to reach their ceiling.

Analytical Approach

Through the use of our state of the art technology on site, Second City Baseball will use baseline testing, video assessments and an analytical approach in all of their evaluations, virtually eliminating wasted time during training, and creating a streamlined and efficient player development program for each player.

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"Our family joined the Illinois Cardinals just this year for the organization’s inaugural season. So far it seems to be a five-tool outfit: - The facility they’ve built out in the warehouse space is first class, with batting cages, pitching area, weight and conditioning training area and enough room to work on fielding skills, all on a new turf surface; - Cutting edge technology for tracking progress in all areas of the game, measuring metrics that college and even high school coaching staffs are beginning to rely upon more and more for assessing player and prospect talent; - Dedicated coaches and staff who have spent a lot of time and effort putting together an off-season training program, including classroom work and progress-testing, and an emphasis on disciplined effort, in order to maximize player potential - College recruiting assistance and guidance for high school juniors and seniors who aspire to play at the next level after their varsity high school experiences. - An ethic of excellence which seems to be rubbing off on the players in a way that previous programs haven’t seemed to have accomplished; We can’t wait to get this season started!"

Joe Rogul

"Playing on the Cardinals has been a great experience for our daughter. The positive coaching that she has received has helped her grow on the softball field and as a person. As parents we appreciate the strong family values of the entire program."

Dean Pritt

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