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Our Facilities

We Have the Newest State-of-the-Art Equipment That Will Help A Player of Any Skill Level Train to the Extent of Their Ability

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Our Facilities

4,500 square feet of turfed training space

Two 70 x 8 1/2 hitting tunnels

Two pitching mounds

Gym & weight training area and equipment

Arm care training and equipment such as J-bands, Driveline pylo balls, medicine balls, wrist weights, recovery trampolines, and resistance bands

Motus throwing sleeve (biomechanical workload and arm health sensor/throwing sleeve)

Axe bat driveline weighted speed trainer bats (HS/college baseball, youth baseball and softball variations)

Technology area complete with two 32' flat screen televisions for real-time viewing and analysis of recorded data

Rapsodo hitting

Rapsodo pitching

Blast motion baseball

Blast motion softball

Tanner tees

iPads for data collection and analysis

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